AuroraCam 2018 was launched 2.feb.2018
	System is running on Raspberry Pi 3

	In my setup I think of an aurora day or day/night
	as from 12:00 one day to 12:00 next day (24 hour format)

	Timelapse starts at sun set angle -7 degree and stops
	at sun rise angle -7 degree.

	Live magnetometer data is provided by
	Tromsø Geophysical Observatory
	UiT the Arctic University of Norway.

	Timelapse quality are 2664x1500 (offline) and 1280x720 (web)
	Download Media Player Classic if you have any playback problems 

        Demo of Timelapse with Frame Interpolation

	The mainpage contains 7 last days of timelapses
	Mini Previews are made of 1 image per minute located on top
	Web Timelapse's are made of, about 10 images per minute
	Keograms are made of, about 10 slices per minute in 1x2080px

	The Archive will contain 1 aurora year of timelapses
	The keograms are linked to the timelapse videos